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Plate Heat Exchanger
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Air condition:
District heating center, heating, swimming pool constant temperature; air conditioning station cooling system, ice storage, etc.

Pasteurization, juice concentration; food heating and cooling, raw water heating

Sulfuric acid cooling, ethanol cooling, desulfurization process, salt solution cooling, phosphating solution cooling, oil cooling, etc.

Emulsion cooling, suspension heating, citric acid heating, plasma heating, infusion cooling, etc.

Central system cooling, lubricating oil cooling, overload cooling, transmission oil cooling, etc.

Closed circulation water cooling, flue gas heater, oil cooler, waste steam heat recovery, transmission fluid cooling, etc.

Mechanical processing:
Electrolyte cooling, paint cooling, electroplating liquid cooling, degreasing liquid cooling, phosphating liquid heating, etc.

Iron and steel metallurgy:
Hydraulic oil cooling, furnace fire cooling, engine cooling, coolant cooling, lubricating oil cooling, autoclave cooling, etc.


Country: Eqypt
Application: ice cream factory

Country: Peru
Application: milk factory

Country: Turkey
Application: for heat pump

Country: Sweden
Application: for heat pump

Country: Russia
Application : for boiler

Country: Malaysia
Application: for ship

Country: Kuwait
Application: for chiller

Country: Indonesia
Application: for cold room

Country: India
Application: heat exchange ventilator/air handler

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