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Packaged Rooftop Unit
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Type Model Photo COP Cooling cpacity (kw) Supply & Exhaust Air volume (m3/h) Refrigerant Key documents
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF12ZA~WRF35ZA 2.7~3.3 12~35 6700~18900 R410A, R134A, R407C, R22 Brochure of 12~35kw
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF45ZA~WRF105ZA 45~105 24100~61500 Brochure of 45~105kw
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF120ZA~WRF300ZA 120~300 63000~162000 Brochure of 120~300kw


Country: Turkey
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 108.9KW;
Heating capacity: 113KW;
ESP: 350 Pa; 19940 m3/h
25% fresh air;

Country: Nigeria
Application: Pharmaceutical Factory
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 36.2kW
Heating capacity: 82kW
Refrigerant: R407C
Compressor: Sanyo

Country: Jordan
Application: Textile Factory
Type: heat pipe heat recovery type 
Cooling capacity: 368kW
Heating capacity: 359kW
Refrigerant: R410A
Compressor: Copeland
With heat recovery coil

Country: China
Application:Flight simulation system laboratory
Cooling capacity:10kw
Supply air volume:3000m3/h
Power supply: 380V/3PH/50Hz

Application:offshore Drilling Platform
Cooling capacity: 80kw
Supply air volume: 4000×2 m3/h
Condensing fan: 12000m3/h
Refrigerant: R407C
Power supply:430V-3Ph-60Hz
Evaporator & condenser type: copper tube epoxy aluminum fin

Cooling capacity: 128kw
Heating capacity: 135kw
Capacity regulator: 0,25,50,75,100
Power supply: 415V/3PH/50hz

Application: Amusement park
Cooling capacity: 180kw
Heating capacity: 192.5kw
Supply air volume: 32000m3/h
ESP: 550pa
Power supply: 380V/3PH/50hz

Country: Philippines
Application: Factory
Type: Fresh air type
Cooling capacity:21.9kw
Heating capacity:25kw
Supply air volume: 3000m3/h
Electric heating: 6kw
Power supply:220v/3PH/60hz
10% fresh air



Country: China
Application: Rolling bearing manufacturer 
Type: wheel heat recovery type 
Cooling capacity: 210kw
Heating capacity: 215kw
Supply air volume: 38000m3/h
Exhaust air volume: 38000m3/h 

Country: China
Application: Cool Storehouse
Type: constant temperature and constant humidity unit
One model:
Cooling capacity: 22kW & 180kW
Electric heating capacity: 82kW & 90kW
Humidifying capacity: 6kg/h & 30kg/h
Supply air: 4500 m3/h & 35000 m3/h

Country: China
Application:Ferry waiting hall
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity:182.5kw
Supply air volume: 22000m3/h

Country: USA
Application: Residential
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 5 Ton
Heating capacity:
Refrigerant: R410A
COP: 3.0
Power supply: 230V/3PH/60Hz


Country: UAE
Application: Wind power plant
1. C5M anti-corrosion grade, about 10 years.
2. Frame: channel steel sandblasting, then primer, then topcoat, bolts SS304.
3. Epoxy resin heat exchanger
4. Can be used in T3 working conditions
5. Parallel compressors
6. All fans are EC fan.

Country: China
Application: thermal power company
Type: direct expansion air conditioning outdoor unit
Cooling capacity: 35kW,90kW and 130kW

Country: China
Application: reconstruction of air conditioning system in power plant workshop
Type: air cooled rooftop unit, only cooling
Cooling capacity: 130kW and 180kW





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