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Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

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1. Adopt antiseptic hydrophilic aluminium foil, resistant to corrosion, with long service life.
2. Apply to special occasions of epoxy resin aluminum foil, corrosion resistance stronger.
3. Many size hrat exchanger core ( plate distance 2.5 ~ 10㎜ ) for your choice.
4. Module structure, any sine can be praided, no running components, low maintenance cost.
5. Compact struxture, small volume, suitable for various occasions.
Production Technology
1. The surface of heat exchanger core was processed with spiral wave heat transfer enhancement techniques, increased the 10% heat transfer area.
2. Convex and concave air channel, ensure the strength and tightness of heat exchanger core, could bear high pressure.
3. Cross air channel, double folding process of the face side edges,which is equal to 5 times material thickness, ensure the high intensity and tightness.
4. All joints are airproofed by airproof glue, ensured that the heat exchanger has excellent air tightness.

The antiseptic galvanized sheet framework, failure-free operation Spiral layer edges heat transfer enhancement techniques, ensure the intensity and tightness Five layer edges process of the face side edges, ensure the high intensity and tightness Plate joint seal processing, Ripple bite edge guarantee air tightness Plate distance 2.5~10.0mm

Remark: The different material and thickness of framework are able to choose from (Such as: Galavanized sheet, Aluminum zinc coated steel sheet, Aluminium sheet, Painting steel plate, Painting galvanized sheet, Stainless steel and other anticorrosive material), the connecting format of framework has screw, buckle, flange and so on.
Air to air heat exchanger core are widely used for different industry air exchanger, heat recovery, cooling or heating and dehumidification. Such as in HVAC, Telecom, Power Supply, Textile Industry, Automobile, Food Industry, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Tobacco barn, Drying industry, Welding industry, Boiler Industry and so on.
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