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Plastics Industry
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Accurately control the temperature of all kinds of plastic processing, shorten the beer molding cycle, and ensure the stability of product quality.

Profile production line, pipe production line, vacuum coating machine, injection molding machine, extruder, bottle blowing machine, plastic film machine.

The plastic processing machine mold cooling can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic products, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic products, make the product not shrink and not deform, facilitate the release of the plastic products, accelerate the molding of the products, and greatly improve the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine.

Cold water: die head, cavity, jacket, etc.

Model: Box type unit, water cooled screw chiller (7 degree water outlet)

Addendum: injection molding and mold temperature and specific volume heat are needed for different molding material:

Material Injection temperature Mould temperature Specific volume heat cal/kg
Plyethylene 160~310 0~70 0.55
NYLON 230~300 25~70 0.58
PC 280~-320 70~130 0.03
PP 200~280 0~80 0.48
ABS 180~260 40~80 0.40

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