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Immersion Cooling
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Solution A

For bitcoin mining farm, if use immersion cooling system,  our dry cooler is the most cost-effective way to remove heat and a necessary component of the immersion cooling system,  We designed a full range of immersion optimized dry coolers. From 5kW single fan unit to the V-shaped 48-921kW dry coolers. Made in China, sized to your needs.

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immersion cooling

Solution B

Currently, cold plate liquid cooling systems are widely used in data centers. However, immersion cooling is poised to experience significant growth and widespread adoption in the next five years.

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Solution C

Small and medium-sized data centers still use traditional air conditioning systems for cooling, if choose precision air conditioner to cooling the room, our dry cooler is also your ideal choice.

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Solution D

For battery or ups storage room(electronic and telecommunication equipment room),  we can design wall mount air conditioner for customers.

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