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Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer
  • Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer
  • Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer
  • Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer
  • Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer

Heating And Cooling Coil/Water To Air Coil Manufacturer

In case you do not find the type or model in the website We can customized according to your request.
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1. Coil Use for FCU
2. Customerized
3. Work Pressure:0.2~3.1MPa
4. Fin space:1.2~3.5mm
5. Tube Diameter:7, 7.94, 9.52, 12.7,15.88 etc. 

Product Features:
1 Material: copper, aluminium, galvanized,  Stainless steel plate.
2 Copper pipe: diameterΦ7, Φ7.94, Φ9.52, Φ12.7, Φ15.8mm, etc. inner grooved or smooth tube.
3 Aluminium foil: hydrophilic or bare
4 Fin type: louver fin, flat fin, corrugated fin
5 Pitch of fins: can be adjusted between 1.8-5.8mm
6 Pitch of holes and pitch of rows: 25x21.65mm, 25.4x22mm, 21x12.7mm, 19.5x12.7mm, 31.75x27.5mm, equilateral triangle arrangement.
7 Suitable for R134a, R22, R404a, R407c refrigerant and so on.

Our Advantages:
1) Professional manufacturer, ROHS, BV, SGS, CE
2) More than 10 years’ experiences of manufacturing. Cooperate with many famous brands: Midea, Gree, TCL, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic etc.
3) Experienced technical staff. We have senior engineers and technicians more than 20 people with many years of experiences. 
4) Three- step Quality control. Inspect the raw material, unfinished products and finished products.
5) Our products can be customized. We can produce for clients according to the sample or drawings.
6) Very competitive price with high quality products and perfect delivery date.

Fin Type Copper Tube O.D.
Row Space
Hole Space
Fin Thickness
Fin Space(mm)
Flat fin Sine wave
with blade fin
Smooth sine
wave fin
Window fin Sesamoid fin
A 7 12.7 21 0.105 / / 1.3 1.3 /
B 7 13.2 17.6 0.105 / / 1.3 1.3 /
C 7 12.7 20.4 0.105 / / 1.3~1.8 1.3~1.8 /
D 7.94 15.88 25.4 0.105 1.8~3.0 1.8~3.0 1.8~3.0 1.8~3.0 /
E 7.94 19.05 22 0.105~0.13 1.4~3.0 1.4~3.0 1.4~3.0 1.4~3.0 /
E 9.52 22 25.4 0.105~0.15 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 /
F 9.52 22 25.4 0.18~0.4 3.5~6.35 / / / /
G 9.52 21.65 25 0.105~0.18 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 1.6~3.2 /
H 9.52 21.65 25 0.15~0.24 3.2~6.35 3.2~6.35 3.2~6.35 / /
I 12.75 27.5 31.75 0.115~0.15 1.5~3.5 1.5~3.5 1.5~3.5 1.5~3.5 1.6~3.2
J 15.88 33 38.1 0.115~0.15 1.5~4.0 1.5~4.0 1.5~4.0 / /
K 15.88 34.64 40 0.115~0.15 / 2.6~3.5 2.6~3.5 / /

About Shenglin:
    Shenglin is a leading design and manufacturing company specialized in Tube Fin Heat Exchangers.
    Our skilled engineers utilize Italy's state-of-the-art Mcoil thermal calculation software to create high-quality heat exchangers. Their expertise enables us to produce accurate drawings and performance calculation documents.
    In terms of production, our advanced facilities house multiple dedicated production lines for finned tube heat exchangers.
    Our sheet metal production lines are equipped with cutting-edge laser cutting machines, CNC punch presses, CNC bending machines, and stretching hydraulic devices for guide rings. Furthermore, our tube-expanding equipment includes both mechanical and hydraulic tube expanders. Shenglin utilizes gas welding and argon arc welding methods, as well as offering spray coating and electrophoretic processes to meet the unique requirements of our customers.
    Quality is paramount at Shenglin. Our Tube Fin Heat Exchangers adhere to the highest standards and carry international certifications such as Rohs, CE, and UL, which are widely recognized worldwide.
Item Condenser  Type Operation  medium Operation  pressure (MPa) Application
Φ16/Φ9.52/Φ12.7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
Cold/hot water 1.6
Used for combined air handling unit,  fan coil etc air conditioning devices
Φ18/Φ20 Steel pipe winding with steel sheet
Steam 0.2
Used for combined air handling unit,  fan coil etc air conditioning devices
Φ16/Φ9.52/Φ12.7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
Brine 1.6
Used for heat transfer in cold storage  and all kinds of low temperature  systems
Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
Ethylene glycol 1.6
Used of energy recovery and low  temperature system devices
Φ16 Copper tube with aluminium fin
Ice mud 1.6
Used for dry operation condition,  fresh air dehumidification etc systems
Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
R22 1.9
Used for industry and commerce air  conditioning system
Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
R407C 1.9
Used for industry and commerce air  conditioning system
Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin
R134a 3.1
Used for vehicle and vessel etc  transportation devices  

1.Used for combined air handling unit, fan coil etc air conditioning devices

2.Used for heat transfer in cold storage and all kinds of low temperature systems

3.Used of energy recovery and low temperature system devices

4.Used for dry operation condition, fresh air dehumidification etc systems

5.Used for industry and commerce air conditioning system

6.Used for vehicle and vessel etc transportation devices

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