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Cabinet Air Conditioner
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 Cabinet air conditioners have been widely used abroad in various fields such as data processing, communications, finance, metallurgy, petrochemicals, building materials, automobiles, machine tools, military industry, etc. At present, some large data processing centers and CNC machining centers have also been widely used. The superior efficiency and excellent performance of cabinet air conditioners are gradually being accepted by more and more customers.
The components in the control cabinet are dense and generate a lot of heat. System failures caused by poor heat dissipation and excessive temperature rise are quiteommon. The traditional cooling method is that the fan directly cools down, and the heat dissipation effect is poor. Cabinet air conditioner can effectively reduce the internal temperature of the control cabinet and prevent dust, moisture and corrosive gases from entering the control cabinet. It is suitable for electrical control cabinets, computers (servers) and humidity control with high reliability requirements. Powerful guarantee for reliable system operation.
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