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About us

Shanghai Shenglin is a professional manufacturer in China that specializes in refrigeration units and air conditioning units.

We manufacturing central air conditioners like roof-top air conditioners, precision air conditioners, water chillers, and air handling units.

As we make coils by ourselves, so we also manufacturing condensers, evaporators, and dry coolers.

Rooftop air conditioners are easy to be installed and maintained. As they are installed on the top roof, so they will not spare the room space. They are weatherproof and have high efficiency.

Precision air conditioners can control the temperature in ±1℃ and humidity in ±5%. It can be used in data centers and telecom base stations. Most parts are the world-famous brand.

Condensers and evaporators can be widely used in air conditioners, heat pumps, fan coils, air handling units, drinking machines, ice makers, dehumidifiers, laser machines, welding machines, and other areas. We can not only manufacture copper pipe condensers and evaporators but also manufacture stainless steel pipe and aluminum pipe condensers and evaporators.

Dry coolers are mainly for machine cooling, process cooling, oil cooling, free cooling, immersion cooling and cold room cooling.

Our products have been exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Africa, and Southeast Asia for more than 16 years.

We sincerely welcome customers all over the world to visit our company and set up business relationships for mutual benefit.
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