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Shenglin cold storage condensing unit has a power ranging from 3 hp to 50 hp. Ii is divided into medium/high temperature and low temperature condensing units.

Shenglin cold storage air cooler includes high temperature DL series(4.5mm fin space), medium and low temperature DD series( 6 mm fin space), and low temperature DJ series(9 mm fin space).

Semi-closed air-cooled, water-cooled condensing units (water-cooled condensing units are generally suitable for places with abundant water resources or high ambient temperatures) and air coolers are used in cold storage.

The choice of condensing units and air cooler is mainly determined by the storage temperature of the cold storage.
0°C is mainly used for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, -18°C is for meat fish, ice cream for refrigeration, -25 to -35 ° C for meat and other food's quick-frozen.

Tecumseh open-type condensing units are used in various types of supermarkets, fresh-keeping, refrigerated and quick-freezing display cabinets, etc. Danfoss outdoor units are used in cold storage. The following are some of the cases and photos of projects.


Country: Malaysia
Application: warehouse
Model: MT160 Maneurop condensing units, 8 pcs.


Country: New Zealand
Application: milk manufacturing factory
Model: 6HP, 8Hp, 10Hp, 13Hp condensing unit, H type.


Country: South Africa
Application: dealer
Model: Air cooler DD, DL, DJ series , one 40FT container.

Country: China
Application: Meat and fish frozen storage, room temperature is -25℃.
Model: Semi-closed air cooled condensingunit,15HP, 15 pcs
Air cooler, DJ85, 15 pcs

Country: China
Application: milk preservation sorage in milk factory, room temperature is +5℃.
Model: Air cooler DHL-55S, 18pcs
DL-11.2/55, 2 pcs.

Country: China
Application: mushroom house, flammulina mushroom planting,room temperature is +5℃ .
Model: DL38/175, 30pcs
The fin is olden yellow anti-corrosion aluminum foil.

Country: China
Application: display cabinet. 3-door
,three-door storage cabinet, cabinet temperature is -5℃~0℃.
Model: CAJ4519Z Tecumseh codnensing units

Country: China
Application: display cabinet.eight-door rear refrigerated cabinet, cabinet temperature is -18℃ .
Model: FH2511ZTecumseh codnensing units.

Country: China
Application: Steak refrigerated, room temperature is -18℃.
Model: Danfoss CUA0400 condensing unit and air cooler new  model NPC401F06, 1 sets.

Country: Israel
Application: dealer
Model: 200MAGY,300MAGY, 400MAGY,500MAGY,DL-2.1/10 ,DL-3.1/15 ,DL-4.1/20 ,DL-5.2/25.








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