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Cold room
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Cold Rooms (Turnkey Service)
We provide cold storage solutions for industrial refrigeration and provide solutions for any refrigeration application and industry such as:
• Food Storage
• Food Processing
• Pre-Cooling and Freezing Systems
• Beverage Industry
• Slaughterhouses (Meat and Poultry)
• Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes
• Multi-Purpose Cold Storage
We provide full range of services including: 
• Cold storage layout design
• Supply of insulation sandwich panels and doors
• Production of refrigeration equipments
• Supply refrigeration accessories
Our overseas agents provide full range of services including: 
• Complete installation of the cold storage
• Commissioning of refrigeration equipments
• Maintain cold storage facilities

If you are just interested in cold storage air cooler(evaporator), please click here.

If you are 
just interested in cold storage condensing unit, please click here.

In case you do not find the type or model in the website, we can customized according to your request. Please contact us:Tel: 0086-21-35324169, Fax:0086-21-35324166, Email:sales@shenglintec.com


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