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Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Unit
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 Working principle:

Ammonia water absorption refrigeration unit is composed of generator, condenser, evaporator, absorber, solution pump, throttle valve and other components. The working medium includes the refrigerant ammonia used to prepare the cooling capacity and the absorbent water that absorbs and desorbs the refrigerant. The two form a working fluid pair. The concentrated ammonia solution is heated in the generator, and a certain flow of refrigerant vapor is separated into the condenser. The refrigerant vapor is cooled in the condenser and condensed into a liquid state; the liquid refrigerant passes the throttling to reduce the pressure and enter the evaporator , Absorbing heat and evaporating in the evaporator, resulting in a cold effect, the refrigerant changes from liquid to gaseous state, and then enters the absorber; in addition, the dilute solution flowing from the generator is cooled by the heat exchanger, and then enters the absorber after throttling It absorbs the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, and the concentrated solution generated in the absorption process is pressurized by the circulation pump. After absorbing heat and increasing the temperature through the heat exchanger, it re-enters the generator, thus circulating refrigeration.

Typical flow chart:

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