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1. Food factories.laboratory,chemical factories,poultry breeding and other special area.
• Stainless Steel Tube Aluminum Fin Condenser
• Stainless Steel Tube Heat Exchanger
• Stainless Steel Tube Aluminum Fin Evaporator
• Stainless Steel Tube Copper Fin Condenser

2. Used in the heat exchange industry filed such as the ship, oil field, chemical industry, power industry, engineering industry, refrigeration air-condition, heat supply project and etc.
• Grasket Plate Heat Exchanger
• Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

3. Pharmaceutical, chemical,ships, warships and offshore oil platfroms food, plastics, electronics, textile, paper, laminate floor, biological, hotels, banks, shopping malls and other industries and places.
3.1 rooftop
Rooftop Air Conditioner
Head-Power Rooftop air conditioner
Precision Air Conditioner

3.2 Chiller
Industrial air and Water cooled water chiller supplier
Water cooled water chiller
Screw strong air cooled chiller

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