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Waste heat recovery boiler
waste heat boiler
  • waste heat boiler
  • waste heat boiler
  • waste heat boiler
  • waste heat boiler

waste heat boiler

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● Economic in investment
● Convenient for management
● Low cost in maintenance
● Self-regulation for steam pressure

Application in metallurgical industry:

Heat pipe technology has been widely used in the metallurgical industry, Chinese major Steel Corp have used this kind of technology. The main products are as follows:

1. Sub type air / gas double preheater: for blast furnace hot blast furnace flue gas waste heat recovery, using waste heat from flue gas as the fuel of blast furnace gas and the combustion supporting air, not only can play a role in the recovery of waste heat, but also can improve the hot blast stove sent to blast furnace hot air temperature, increase the output of blast furnace and iron quality.
2. Integrated air / gas double preheater: the use of small blast furnace flue gas waste heat recovery, the role of the same type of double preheater.
3.Split type air and gas preheater: application in metallurgical industry pure burning blast furnace gas power plant boiler, using boiler flue gas temperature heating gas as a fuel furnace, can improve the combustion temperature, combustion stability and improve the boiler output
4.Gas / liquid (vapor) heat exchanger: mainly used for sintering and cooling machine, all kinds of heating furnace and lime kiln exhaust gas waste heat recovery, the use of waste gas waste heat to produce steam or hot water
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