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Waste heat recovery boiler
Boiler waste heat heating equipment
  • Boiler waste heat heating equipment
  • Boiler waste heat heating equipment
  • Boiler waste heat heating equipment
  • Boiler waste heat heating equipment

Boiler waste heat heating equipment

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Industries are wasting heat in form of flue gases such as from various Industrial furnaces, turbines and
reciprocating electric generators, we can use waste flue gases and convert into hot water or hot thermic oil by waste heat recovery boilers.


Hot water can be use for any industrial or commercial application, such as:
-Hot water fired absorption air conditioning
- Textile dying and washing
- Boiler feeding
- Central heating
- Combustion air and fuel pre heating
- Drying
- Hotel’s kitchens, laundries and as domestic use


Boilers designs for individual client’s requirements, heat recovery boilers can be horizontal or vertical, fire tube or water tube and single or two pass.


Boilers are designed for easy maintenance and repair as per ASME codes.
Refractory lined where required and 80 to 160 Kg Rock wool jacketed with M.S. Color Sheet or S.S.
sheet where required.


- Pressure Relief Valve
- Automatic Air Vent
- Pressure Gauge
- Thermometers
- Low Water Cut-off
- Flow Switch
- Sensors


Electric Panel
Pre wired control and instrument panel with all operating and safety controls of boiler is provided, in case of safety operation boiler goes on bypass mode and audible alarm operates and indicator lights.


Following indications, monitoring, operational and safeties are available on panel.
- Power ON/OFF switch and light indicator
- Low water level indicator
- No water flow indicator
- Hi flue gas temperature indicator
- Flue gas inlet temperature indicator
- Flue gas outlet temperature controller
- Water inlet temperature indicator
- Water outlet temperature controller
- Manual / Auto mode switch and indicators


A flue gases diverter dampers are required for flue gases flow control of waste heat recovery boiler

Application of power industry:

Boiler air preheater, economizer, gas preheater
Boiler flue gas desulfurization heat exchanger
Boiler flue gas heater
Closed bus closed cooling heat exchanger
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