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● Industrial Applications
● Lasers: heat dissipation from laser equipment with cooper or stainless steel coils
● Electronics: heat dissipation by liquid or refrigerant for telecommunications, computer, power supply and air dryer markets
● Cooling systems: commercial refrigeration for refrigerators, water coolers, freezers and refrigeration rooms.

Detailed Product Description
Φ9.52 / Φ7.94mm Dia Copper Tube With Aluminium Fin R134a Air Conditioning Cooling Coil

1.Cooling coil.
2.Can be customerized .
3.Work Pressure:0.2~3.1MPa.
4.Fin space:1.2~3.5mm.
5.Tube Diameter:7, 7.94, 9.52, 12.75, 15.88.


Cooling coil Type
Operation  medium
Operation  pressure (MPa)
1 Φ16/Φ9.52/Φ12.7 Copper tube with aluminium fin Cold/hot water ≤1.6 Used for combined air handling unit,  fan coil etc air conditioning devices
2 Φ18/Φ20 Steel pipe winding with steel sheet Steam ≤0.2 Used for combined air handling unit,  fan coil etc air conditioning devices
3 Φ16/Φ9.52/Φ12.7 Copper tube with aluminium fin Brine ≤1.6 Used for heat transfer in cold storage  and all kinds of low temperature  systems
4 Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin Ethylene glycol ≤1.6 Used of energy recovery and low  temperature system devices
5 Φ16 Copper tube with aluminium fin Ice mud ≤1.6 Used for dry operation condition,  fresh air dehumidification etc systems
6 Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin R22 ≤1.9 Used for industry and commerce air  conditioning system
7 Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin R407C ≤1.9 Used for industry and commerce air  conditioning system
8 Φ9.52/Φ7.94/Φ7 Copper tube with aluminium fin R134a ≤3.1 Used for vehicle and vessel etc  transportation devices
1.Used for combined air handling unit, fan coil etc air conditioning devices

2.Used for heat transfer in cold storage and all kinds of low temperature systems

3.Used of energy recovery and low temperature system devices

4.Used for dry operation condition, fresh air dehumidification etc systems

5.Used for industry and commerce air conditioning system

6.Used for vehicle and vessel etc transportation devices
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